HealDesign Profile EV 4.2
Titanium (2), sterile

■ For soft tissue sculpturing
during the healing phase
■ Self-guiding component; engages into
the implant only when correctly seated
■ Can be used for both oneand two-stage surgery
■ Design is primarily matched to
TiDesign Profile EV abutments
■ HealDesign Profile EV is a
two-piece abutment
■ Heights and diameters are harmonized
with the permanent abutments as
well as with the tooth position

Round shapes are indicated for all
positions in the mouth

Triangular shapes are designed
for anterior implant sites and
mimic the specific shape for
incisors and canines
■ Marked with diameter, height
and “P” for Profile
■ One-position-only,
healing abutment, will seat
in one position only
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