V-Twist Drill EV long (6-17mm)
Stainless steel (6), TiN-coated (8), sterile

Following opening of the marginal cortical
layer with cortical drill A , B or conical
drill A/B , the V -twist drill is used to
remove the apical step and creating a
straight osteotomy.

The V -Twist Drill is strongly advocated in
most medium and dense bone situations
to remove the apical bone contact and
hereby reduce the risk for high installation
torque and periapical bone pressure.
■ Multiple-use with option for single-use
■ Color: corresponds to implant
Note: for conical implants, this color
refers to the implant body diameter.
■ Markings: diameter and V
■ Length: short (6–13 mm)
long (6–17 mm)
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