Multibase Abutment EV M - 0°
Titanium alloy 1 with a PEEK 7 holder, sterile

The MultiBase abutment is used for screwretained restorations for multi-unit cases.
■ Applicable for SmartFix concept
■ Straight abutments are one-piece
abutments, angled abutments are twopiece abutments
■ Top cone (2 1°) enables bridge insertion
on non-parallel abutments up to 42°
■ Same prosthetic platform and
components for all abutments
■ Non-indexed abutments can be seated
in any rotational position
■ The holder on straight abutment has
eight identification grooves, the holder
on 17° abutment has four identification
grooves, the holder on 30° abutment
has six identification grooves
■ Restoration: screw retained
■ Clinical use: multi-unit restorations
■ Color coded
■ Straight abutment contains:
MultiBase Abutment EV with a plastic
holder pre-mounted to the abutment
■ MultiBase 17°/30° abutment contains:
MultiBase Abutment EV with a separate
head part and a plastic holder with a
pre-assembled abutment screw
■ Instruments needed: Hex Driver for
installing the abutment screw. Multibase
Driver for tightening the abutment head
to the abutment body and for installing
straight abutments
■ Indexing options; non-indexed and
six positions
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